Obsidiun Knives.

Example of our Obsidiun Knives) These unique hand crafted 'one of a kind' knives are made with antler handles and obsidiun blades.

Price: With antler point $200.00. Without antler point $150.00.

The Obsidiun Arrowheads.

These Obsidiun arrowheads are replicas of those found in 'dinosaur country'.

Price: $5.00. each.

Example of Arrowhead.)

The fossilized sharks tooth.

Shark tooth & Shark Jaw with 6ft.
These fossils date from the Miocene period. The largest are those of the now extinct Carcharodon , a giant 40 to 50ft shark. Fossilized teeth are usually very well preserved.

Price: $10.00. each.

Pop together dinosaur skeleton #3.

(Pic.One of our Dino' models.)

Make a skeleton model of the giant BRACHIOSAURUS! . Open the dinosaur egg inside the box and pop together the bones to make a perfect 13"x10" replica of the Brachiosaurus skeleton. Our pop together dinosaur also comes with a colorful poster showing BRACHIOSAURUS as it lived 150 million years ago. Also supplied is an information packed book that tells you all about this long-necked dinosaur and the fascinating ancient world it inhabited.

Price: $12.95. each.

Also available:#1.Leptocerotops. #2. Tyrannosaurus Rex.


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