Trilobites, Coprolites and Gastroliths.

Trilobites were once abundant creatures that crawled on the sea bottom. They are now only found as fossils. They lived about 550 million years ago and died out about 200 million years ago.

Trilobite Trilobite
Example of Trilobite) (Pic.
Example of Trilobite)

Coprolites are in fact pieces of fossilized 'DINO DUNG'. They can give us many clues to what dinosaurs ate many millions of years ago.

Coprolites Coprolites
Example of Coprolite) (Pic.
Example of Coprolite)

Gastroliths . Some dinosaurs were so large they needed to eat vast amounts of vegetation. Because they had no grinding teeth, they probably swallowed food without chewing it. The food was ground up with gastroliths in the gizzard. These smooth rounded stones are found in dinosaur rib cages.


Example of Gastroliths.)


Price: Trilobites. $7.50

Coprolites. $10.00

Gastroliths. $10.00

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