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Croisette Finance Real Estate

Croisette Finance offers its clients real estate investment opportunities which satisfy the following criteria:

(ruler) Aesthetic and design quality.

(ruler) Commercial viability.

(ruler) Contemporary technical standards and infra-structure.

(ruler) Good locations.

The partner company of Croisette Finance with headquarters in Bad Homburg, Germany, is an accredited real estate and development company with more than twenty years experience in the property markets of the Frankfurt metropolitan area.

Croisette Finance International contacts enable us to recommend properties in the best European locations with emphasis on Germany. This market is of particular interest as continuing stability of the Deutsch Mark and Germany's influential position as central Europe's political and economic power base provides the dynamism to support future price developments. We can offer investments in both office and apartment projects

Our service to the client including support for administrative requirements will extend beyond the initial investment.

(ruler) Welcome (ruler) Foreign Currency Services (ruler) Equity Portfolio in Germany

(ruler) Further Information

Croisette Finance
57 Boulevard de la Croisette
06400 Cannes France
Tél. (33) 04 93 28 27 96 - (33) 04 93 38 27 98
Fax.(33) 04 93 38 27 17
e-mail croisette@riviera.fr
SARL CROISETTE FINANCE - SIRET : 402 141 394 00013 - APE : 741J - T.V.A. : FR 80 402 141 394

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