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Foreign Currency Services

This covers all freely convertable currancies involving close co-operation with an International American Bank.

An account will be opened in the clients name with Croisette Finance retaining a limited power of attourney.

The ability of anyone but the client to make cash or capital transfers is precluded.

The account will serve as collateral for foreign exchange transactions on a leverage basis of 10% i.e.$150.000. will allow dealings of up to $1.500.000.

A state of the art computer programme assists us in our investment decisions.

Deals transacted by us on the customers behalf are immediately confirmed by his bank.
A profit and loss statement will be sent each day from Croisette Finance to the customer and separately from his bank to allow for comparison and transparency of all operations.
The customers account will earn interest at interbank market rates and can be closed on two days notice.
A twenty four hour service is provided to maximise profits and also to guard against unexpected developments.

To effectively provide this service after the close of the financial markets in Europe, our management team transfers its operation to the New York branches of its correspondent banks. Following the market close in New York, we begin the new dealing day with our partner bank branches in Hong Kong and Tokyo.

The client can call directly any one of these branches according to the time zone, to aquaint himself as to his latest profit and loss statement and open foreign exchange position.

Croisette Finance will earn as a consulting fee per $1.000.000 trade a minimum of 0.1% to a maximum of 0.3% depending upon the monthly profit figure achieved and consultation with the customer.
0.1% on a one million dollar deal against DM amounts to DM 100.
Short term limited risk investments in foreign exchange derivatives are also available for investors wishing to initiate themselves into this expanding market at minimum cost.

This service can be provided by our our Geneva office without the formality of an account opening.
The customer will still receive a bank confirmation.
For a cost of DM 3.000 to DM 15.000 you can invest in a foreign exchange strategy limited to one or two months which can not ever cost you more than the original investment.

These short term investments are updated once a week on Internet.

Read further under "Bites" for details of these short term, low cost, high reward foreign exchange opportunities.

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