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Stand on the large public terrace across from the road from the Palais de Congrès and the bay of Cannes opens up before you.
Nearly 200 years ago Napoléon's sister, Pauline Bonaparte would contemplate the view and enjoy the rich bouquet which rose up from the sweetly scented plain.
Even then, Grasse was reknowned throughout Europe as the perfume capital of the world.

A series of limestone terraces spreads outwards and upwards from the bay of Cannes like a natural ampitheatre, and Grasse has the best seat in the house. But there's a lot more to do than simply take in the view.

Grasse is an old town, and that means it has a history. The precise origins of the town are unknown. Some people believe it was founded by Crassus, a Roman general, hence the name of the town.

Others are more of the opinion that it started with a Jewish community which had taken refuge there after leaving Sardinia.

The most chattered about piece of Grasse's past is to do with it's position on the Route Napoléon and the lengthy and tumultuous stay of Pauline Bonaparte when she was separated from Prince Borghese.

And then there's the perfume industry.

Fragonard (1731-1806), the painter son of a glove tanner, is one of the towns favourite sons, along with the Amiral de Grasse. The Fragonard museum and perfumerie which bears his name are well worth a visit, as are the Galimard and Molinard sites.

As well as visiting the surrounding villages and golf courses , make sure you have time in your schedule to sit at a cafe and watch life pass by as it has done for countless years in the provençal market in the Place aux Aires.

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