THE English speaking Internet Service Provider on the French Riviera.
In Brief : Virtual Riviera based in the Old Town Area of Antibes since 1995 offer all types of Internet Services, E-mail Accounts, Full Internet access, Web Page Creation & Advertising, Training, ISDN Line Connection, Technical Support, Custom Installations & just about anything Web related.

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Connection Costs
E-mail account only (your name@riviera.fr) 50ff ttc per month.
Full Unlimited Internet Access: 150ff ttc per month (includes e-mail account).
There is also a once only connection charge of 100ff. This also covers the cost of the software we supply to get you on-line. Temporary accounts can also be created for visitors. These accounts can be 'put to sleep' & then re-opened should the client return at no extra cost.

Page Creation & Advertising.
The 'Media Lab' arm of Virtual Riviera continue to provide quality page creation and effective advertising for many clients both here on the Riviera and at more distant locations. Prices are as competitive as anywhere, & Media Lab staff work closely with clients to achieve the right results. References & demonstrations are available.

Technical Support.
Friendly and competent Technical Support is available 6 days a week from 10.30am until 6.00pm by calling 92 90 60 83, and the Virtual Riviera building is open to callers Monday to Saturday from 10am until 6pm. Lunch 12.30 - 2.

Virtual Riviera provide flexible training in most computer related areas from beginner to advanced levels call, mail or visit for details.

ISDN line connection.
Virtual Riviera can now offer high speed ISDN access to companies, individuals & short term visitors for both business & personal use.

Custom Installations of hardware, software & line access can be performed quickly & efficiently. This service has proved to be particularly useful to companies & individuals attending the many festivals & events around the Riviera.

Should you have any queries regarding any of the above please contact Virtual Riviera at info@riviera.fr

Virtual Riviera
10 Rue Sade 06600
Antibes France
Tel. (33) 04 92 90 60 83. Fax. (33) 04 93 34 25 81.
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