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"The anti-chamber to the supernatural!"- Malraux.

Saint Paul

The military observatory of St Paul de Var was originally built as a means of monitoring the frontier which separarated France from the Italian House of Savoy. After many political upheavals the town eventually settled down and its old bastions and lookout walls - still in perfect condition - remain an inspiration to artists.

In spite of its warlike appearance, St Paul is - and always has been - a town with a poetic tradition. It represents a luxurious world of troubadours and courtly manners. Within these perfectly preserved ramparts are handsome medieval houses, steep narrow streets, and in the small squares, superb fountains.

Looking over this veritable jewel in the hills, it is little wonder that painters from all over the world have been inspired to do their best. The Colombe d'Or is a celebrated restaurant and a favourite rendezvous for artists. It is true to say that all of the world's most talented artists have exhibited their works in the Maeght Foundation on Gardettes Hill, which Malraux called "The antechamber to the supernatural."

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