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T he unspoilt town of Biot, only about 15 minutes by car (or bus) from Antibes , provides the visitor with an excellent insight into some of the more traditional Provençal crafts, architecture & lifestyles.

V isitors to Biot today can still see many well preserved remains of the towns Roman beginnings, the Mausoleum of the Chèvre d'Or, the large Roman wall of Vaugrenier as well as several aqueducts and assorted ruins.

I f you've heard of Biot before it's probably because of one thing in particular ... Glass. Few visitors leave the town without at least one piece of the unique hand blown glass, a thick heavy glass swirled in light colours with hundreds of tiny air bubbles, La Verrerie de Biot is the place to browse for glass products and you can also watch the glass being blown at the workshop just southeast of the village.

M any genuinely gifted artists have located to Biot over the years, potters, sculptors, ceramists and painters. Small studios and workshops can be found dotted around the town and most artists are happy to receive visitors, however you may need to make an appointment first.

I f you are an art lover then a visit to The Fernand Léger Museum is an absolute must. The artist himself had the museum built, and inside you will find a superb selection of the artists work from 1905 to his death in 1955.

B iot with its narrow streets and picturesque squares also makes an excellent venue for lunch or dinner, with many restaurants serving traditional Provençal dishes and high quality 'Bellet' wines.

All in all well worth a visit.

T he very helpful Office de Tourisme at 6 place de la Chapelle always have lots of useful information on hand for visitors.

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